We are dedicated to ongoing professional education and training so that we can provide you with a diverse range of effective and evidence-based treatment techniques for pain relief, and for restoration or enhancement of physical function.

Your treatment program will be tailored to address the underlying causes of your injury or condition as well as the influence of your lifestyle and present health, and may make use of any combination of the listed therapies.

In addition to providing these therapies, Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre will work in partnership with other medical and health professionals whenever necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Back Pain BulleenMassage releases muscle and joint stiffness, and promotes healing through stimulation of blood and lymphatic flow. Massage ranges from very gentle lymphoedema and relaxation techniques through to very deep trigger point and myofascial release techniques.

Neck Pain

Joint Mobilisation restores the natural mobility and alignment of your joints and can relieve joint stiffness due to acute muscle spasm, post-operative immobilisation and chronic degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Knee Pain

Dry Needling relieves the pain, weakness and restricted movement caused by muscle trigger points that have developed as a result of physical and neural stress or injury. Dry needling uses fine-filament acupuncture needles and can be a very effective treatment for acute and chronic muscular dysfunction, but if you have a fear of needles there are always alternative treatments available.

Hip physioClinical Pilates exercises improve your core stability, flexibility, muscular endurance and posture, enabling you to better manage the unique functional requirements of your work and leisure activities. At BPC we use exercises on purpose-designed Pilates reformers as an adjunct to your general physiotherapy treatment, as well as providing personalised programs of home-based Pilates exercises using basic equipment such as Fit Balls and elastic resistance tubing.

Sports PhysioElectrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an effective way to reduce pain, stimulate movement, increase muscle size and strength, or enhance recovery after vigorous training or competition. EMS replicates the electrical signals sent by the nervous system to your muscles, and can be an essential component of treatment for sports injuries, post-operative de-conditioning, and chronic pain.