Back Physiotherapy

Back pain is the most common physical condition experienced but it is reassuring to know that the vast majority of back pain episodes will resolve within six weeks.

When undergoing back physiotherapy with Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre you will benefit from a thorough assessment of your spinal movement and the origin of your pain so that you can avoid postures or activities that could aggravate your injury as well as receive the necessary hands-on treatment.

An essential aspect of our treatment programs for back pain at Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre is to also assist you to restore the function of the muscles that stabilise your posture as this has been proven to reduce the chances that your back pain will recur.

In a minority of cases, especially if pain levels are not reducing or back pain episodes are becoming more frequent despite physical therapy, it may be necessary to request an X-ray or MRI scan to confirm the location and extent of injury, and to then seek the opinion and assessment of a specialist or surgeon.