Your Pain Relief Professionals

At Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre we understand the stress, frustration and anxiety that results when pain or injury prevents you from participating fully in the activities that matter to you, so we are committed to helping you to regain your health and your confidence. Our 30 minute standard consultations not only allow sufficient time for effective treatment, but also for thorough discussion of your present condition and education about how to promote recovery and prevent a recurrence. Our extensive clinical experience working with athletes, children, adults and the elderly ensures that we can assist you with a full range of physical conditions including:

  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand injuries
  • Sports injuries and muscle strains
  • Poor posture and core stability
  • Tendinopathy and other overuse injuries
  • Chronic pain management
  • Post-operative de-conditioning
  • Arthritis and degenerative joint conditions

Thanks to our dedicated and highly trained staff at Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre you will receive expert care so that you can achieve the best result in the shortest time period. We specialise in:

  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
  • Cycling and Running Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy-based Pilates

You do not need a referral for a Physiotherapy consultation at our practice, however, your GP or specialist may refer you to us so that we can assist you with the management of a condition that they have identified.